Vince Young Blowup Might Benefit Cardinals


Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young left his game against the Washington Redskins today due to a torn tendon in his finger.  Afterward it was learned he stormed out of the locker room before he could talk to the media and left the building.  According to Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, Young also threw his jersey into the stands, apparently upset he didn't go back into the game.

So, now that Fisher has ruled out Young as his starter going forward, is this the end of Young in Tennessee and a start somewhere else, say like, Arizona?  Well, we'll see, but don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind and the minds of other Cards fans this afternoon.

However, don't you think Young needs an attitude adjustment before the Cards take on a case like that, no matter the talent?  Young, five years removed from college, still seems like he has some growing up to do.  It is an emotional game, but it certainly sounds like some childish behaviors still going on for Young.  The last thing the Cards need is a player who cries and throws fits every time something doesn't go his way.  That's not the type of quarterback Cards head coach Ken Whisenhunt likes.

We'll see how the rest of the season transpires, but as of right now, it seems as if Vince Young may be taking his mail in at a new address next season.  First though Mr. Young, please grow up.  You are supposed to be a professional and that means more than just the title of your job.