When it Comes to the Cards, I am Thankful for. . .


I am thankful for many things when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals.  Today is a day to reflect on everything in my life I am thankful for, but now I focus on my favorite football team, the Arizona Cardinals.

I am thankful for coach Ken Whisenhunt who despite all the losses, has maintained his composure and keeps an even keel about himself on the sidelines every week.

I am thankful for you, the fans, the followers of this blog.  Without your comments, good or bad, I would have no reason to blog about the Cards.  It gives me a forum to discuss all that is the Arizona Cardinals.

I am thankful for University of Phoenix Stadium.  It’s a great place to see a football game.  Now, if only the rest of the world from above could see it by opening the roof at games.

I am thankful there is still a chance for the Cards to win the NFC West at 3-7.  If the Cards bring back their confidence and lack of focus, they can easily win all six of their remaining games.

I am thankful for Derek Anderson.  Yes, Derek Anderson.  Without him, I would not know what adversity without Kurt Warner looked like.  Now that the Cards have seen the error of their ways, they can react appropriately in the offseason.

I am thankful for Monday Night Football.  It gives a chance to show the rest of the world the Cards aren’t as bad as they have played over the past five weeks.

I am thankful for Sunday Night Football.  Yes, SNF.  I’m thankful they chose not to show the Cards this season.  Imagine if they had picked that Vikings game for Sunday night?  We’d never hear the end of it.  Week in and week out one of the top rated programs of the week on television.

I am thankful for the San Francisco 49’ers.  Again, you heard me right.  I am thankful because it takes a lot of the focus off of the Cardinals as dysfunctional as that franchise seems to be.  At least with the Cards coaches, they seem competent to lead an NFL team.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving Day games this year.  See my reasons for SNF, that and the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys are playing – again, teams that can take focus off of the Cards.

I am thankful for all the fans that have abandoned ship, taken their toys and gone home to find another team to choose for.  I am thankful for them because we don’t need fans like that anyway.  I’ve been a fan since day one in Arizona, stuck by them in all the bad seasons.  I’m not letting one sub-par quarterback and a few bad decisions sway me in another direction.  You aren’t a fan if you do that.  Would you abandon your child if he/she kept making mistakes in school?  I think not.

I am thankful for all the Cards players who are on Twitter.  They are great.  Darnell Dockett is entertaining.  Larry Fitzgerald is insightful.  Jay Feely is inspirational.  Max Komar pays attention to the fans.  So many Tweets, not enough time.

Finally, I am thankful for my family and friends.  To my family who allows me the freedom and time to do what I love best, write about the Cardinals.  To my friends who take the time to read what I have to say.  I am thankful I live in a country that allows me the freedom to speak my mind on my favorite topics.

Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!!!