Wishing Away Season Doesn’t Eliminate Cardinals Issues


So, you don't care what happens tonight?  You don't care if the Arizona Cardinals defeat the San Francisco 49'ers tonight?  You're not going to schedule your night around the Cardinals you say?  You wish a loss tonight and for every game the rest of the season so the Cardinals can get a high draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft?  How do you call yourself a true fan of the Cardinals?

Ok, maybe not scheduling your night around this game is not the end of the world.  I get it.  It's Monday night.  It's a work night.  The Cards haven't blown you away this season.  Still, with the Cardinals still in the NFC West race, at least for another five hours or so, how can you not care more?  All day I just kept hearing, they'll just get blown out if they make the playoffs, they lose out on a high draft pick to get a coveted quarterback.  Are you so sure?  Neither of those results are forgone conclusions.  Not in this year's NFL.

I realize this year has been tough on Cards fans.  It's been tough for me.  Not enough to not care about tonight's game.  Although it seems I am in the minority on this one, you have to continue to believe and support.  you really do.  Yes, it's been a frustrating season.  Let's get over it already.  Yes quarterback Derek Anderson would be better served as a water boy on most Sunday's.  I get that.  It is what it is though.  Until 2011, he is the quarterback.

So, let's embrace what tonight is, a chance to stay out of the cellar of the division and a chance to be only one game behind division leaders St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks.  Yes, 4-7 and one game out is not ideal.  I don't care if this team is 7-9 or 8-8 if they make playoffs.  All you have to do is get there.  Players play the game to win, not to lose for a high draft pick the following season.  I've never agreed with the thought a team should lose in order to gain an advantage for the following season.  You might as well fold as a franchise if you are going to start to cheapen expensive entertainment like that.

So, one game at a time.  Let's just get a win.  We haven't seen one since October 10th.  Let's just win and let the chips fall where they may.  Just win!  Let's also be realistic, wishing the Cards season away doesn't mean the Cards issues they have had all season are going to just go away with a brand new season and some new draft picks on the roster.  The Cardinals will have a lot of issues to deal with in the off-season, regardless how this season plays out. Even if we see a miracle and Anderson leads this team to the playoffs, changes will need to be made on both sides of the ball.  Hope the Cards lose and those same problems will still need to be addressed.  Either way, might as well enjoy winning some games along the way to 2011.  I watch wishing my team to win, not matter how good or bad they are.  I've done that with the Cardinals for 22 years.  Why stop now?  Well, that's because I'm a fan and I care.  So should you.