Keys to Cardinals Finding a Win Over the Rams


The Arizona Cardinals are in dire need of a win.  I don't care who it comes against.  Preferably against the St. Louis Rams tomorrow would be nice.  Granted, the Cards don't have much to play for over the past five weeks when it comes to the standings.  However, for personal pride and confidence, I sure hope the Cards recognize they have plenty to play for.

Seeing as a lockout is all but certain come March, it is important not only for the Cards players themselves to come out and play with confidence, but you need to leave good feelings and a good taste in fans mouths come end of the season.  They will need a lasting memory in case there is no football in 2011.  Otherwise, lose the last five games and we all will have to live with it for maybe up to a couple of years.

So what do the Cards need to do to win tomorrow?

  • I'd say not play Derek Anderson, but there is no other choice
  • Don't fumble on the first snap of the game
  • Don't laugh on the sidelines down by 18 points
  • Stop the run
  • Stop....someone
  • Let Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie showboat and run his mouth from the sidelines
  • Better tackling
  • Tackling....anyone at all
  • Score touchdowns, not field goals.  Six points against San Francisco was pathetic
  • Get on your knees and pray.  That may be all this team has left is prayer