Another Sunday Walk in the Park


Literally, a walk in the park. Just the way the Arizona Cardinals played on Sunday in their 19-6 loss to the St. Louis Rams. They treated Sunday's game like they were just out taking a walk in the park, not playing an NFL football game.

For two drives, the Cards looked like they cared.  At least that was two more drives than they cared last Monday night.  However, yet once again the Cards failed to find the end zone.  They only have one touchdown in their last three games and that was in Kansas City on the last play of the game.  Unacceptable, I don't care who you are.  Even the Buffalo Bills found the end zone twice today.  Detroit twice.  Cleveland once.  Miami once.  Oakland four times.  Just plain unacceptable.

The Derek Anderson era might have come to an end, at least from a starting standpoint, although his replacement, Max Hall, got injured and that allowed John Skelton to enter a game for the first time this season.  So maybe not.  For Shelton, a rookie in his first NFL action, it could have been worse.  After the game Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt said Anderson didn't seem to be himself and that's why Skelton came in after Hall left the game.

This was a game more about what Arizona couldn't do rather than what St. Louis could, although you can tell just far far the Rams defense has come.  They are an impressive group.  The only Rams touchdown was a Steven Jackson run.  The Cards came out quick to a 6-0 start but once again found themselves settling for field goals instead of touchdowns.  One of the questions that should be continued to be asked is why?  They started fast with the run, but seemed to abandon it.  Of course the performances have been abysmal for the most part over the past seven weeks, but the defense giving up 19 to St. Louis and you should be in the game.  However after the first quarter, it never really felt like they were.

There are a lot of questions to be answered.  The biggest one I have is how much longer is this season?  I know the schedule says four games, but with the way the Cards are playing, it'll seem like 10 games.