Arizona Bowl Game Projections


Having three bowl games here in the Phoenix area is not only great for college football fans, it could also give the Arizona Cardinals a look a players, most notably some good quarterbacks, from six different top notch programs in the country. Tonight, we will know which teams will be going where.  Here are my bowl projections for the three games to be played here.

BCS National Championship Game:

Auburn vs. Oregon - This match up is pretty much set in stone.  In what could be a very high scoring game, NFL scouts may want to just focus on the offensive players in this one.

Cam Newton, QB,  Auburn:  We know what this young man can do.  He can run, he can pass, he makes few mistakes.  He threw for 28 touchdowns and ran for another 20.  He only threw six interceptions this season.

Darron Thomas, QB, Oregon:  His numbers aren't all that far off from Newton, save for the rushing touchdown stats.  Thomas also threw for 28 touchdowns while throwing only seven interceptions.

Newton is probably the better fit at quarterback in the NFL, but most likely won't be around when the Cards pick, even if they tank the last month of the season.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl:

Oklahoma vs. Connecticut - This game will feature the Big 12 champion against the Big East Champion.  The Fiesta Bowl gets last pick and there is some talk the Orange Bowl might take UConn instead of Stanford, but Stanford is the more attractive draw and would be surprised to see the Orange Bowl pass them up.  This game will still be a lot of fun to watch.

Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma: Jones had 35 touchdown passes this season.  His only rushing touchdown came last night in the Big 12 Championship game against Nebraska.  He threw 11 interceptions this season.  Jones is only a sophomore, but it doesn't hurt to look for the future.

Jordan Todman, RB, Connecticut: He rushed for 1,574 yards and 14 touchdowns and he still missed one game.  Worth a look.  RB is not the most glaring need for the Arizona Cardinals, but he'd be worth a pickup if the Cards had the right pick in the draft.

Insight Bowl:

Iowa vs. Nebraska - A match up no one would have thought possible as recently as a month ago.  Both teams had high aspirations.  Both teams were in the top 10 at some point in the 2010 season.  Iowa faltered down the stretch, much like another team we know around here (Arizona Wildcats).  Both teams bring great rosters and great players to watch.

Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa: Stanzi threw 25 touchdowns and only had four interceptions this season.  He has thrown for 56 touchdowns in his Iowa career.  At 6-4, 230, someone is going to give him a look see in the NFL.

Taylor Martinez, QB, Nebraska:  Only a freshman, Martinez is at least two more years away from the NFL.  Not as big as Stanzi at 6-1, 205, but he has time to bulk up a little to NFL size.  He had 9 touchdown passes, but he can run too.  He rushed for 13 touchdowns this season, but none since October 7th, much thanks to injuries he had to deal with since then.