Cardinals Play Musical Chairs With Quarterbacks


Well, it was inevitable. The Arizona Cardinals managed to use all three quarterbacks in today's game, including emergency quarterback John SkeltonDerek Anderson, the starter was ineffective with a passer rating of 29.8.  His replacement Max Hall, got injured after only several plays.  With Anderson being ineffective, that left Skelton to mop up in his first NFL regular season action.

So, where do the Cards go from here after losing 19-6 at home on Sunday to the St. Louis Rams?  That depends on several things.  Depends on the health of Hall and Anderson.  Depends on who you ask.  Depends on what the Cards want to get out of the last four games of the season.

The case for Anderson:

Anderson is still the best option if you want to win any of the last four games.  However, that option isn't a good one at all.  Anderson was only 7-20 on Sunday.  He continues to stare receivers down.  He was picked off once on Sunday.  If the Cards goal is to win a few more this season and I currently can't see how that will happen, then they must stick with Anderson.  That decision may also prove the Cards aren't sold on Skelton for the future and you can bet they will be looking at the draft and free-agency in the offseason to upgrade the position.

The case for Hall:

Well, you can't make one for him unfortunately.  Word is he separated his shoulder and may be out for the season.

The case for Skelton:

If the Cards want to see what they have in Skelton and make a decision if they want to continue to help him grow, then they need to start him starting next Sunday at home against the Denver Broncos.  Skelton was 3-6 for 75 yards in limited action on Sunday.  he threw a couple of pretty nice passes.  I say time to give him a try.  At this point, there is nothing to lose.