Sam Bradford and St. Louis Rams Visit Arizona Cardinals


You can't talk about the St. Louis Rams, 5-6, without starting with quarterback Sam Bradford.  Bradford, taken first in the 2010 NFL Draft, has exceeded expectations this season, even with the expectations that come along with a first overall pick.  Bradford brings his talents to Arizona today to face the 3-8 Arizona Cardinals.

Bradford has been the quarterback the Rams needed to move them out of the NFC West cellar and back to respectability in the NFL.  Bradford has passed for 17 touchdowns and 2,466 yards so far this season.  Not too bad for a rookie and we still have five weeks left.

As for the Arizona Cardinals, we all know the troubles they have had at quarterback this season after the retirement of Kurt WarnerDerek Anderson has been a disappointment and for Anderson to be disappointing is a strong statement because not much was expected from him to being with.  Most likely Anderson is down to his last five games as the Cards quarterback.  The cardinals are going to have to hope to catch lightening in a bottle in the 2011 NFL Draft much like the Rams did in 2010.  The only question is, will the new rookie quarterback be starting in 2011 or 2012 thanks to the looking lockout?

As for today, don't look for a much different Cardinals team than the one that showed up on Monday night.  I expect another loss.  I just hope the Cards can be a little more competitive this week.  At least show some fight.  Even St. Louis will knock them out early playing the way the Cards played last Monday.

Prediction:  St. Louis 34  Arizona 19