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Make or Break Time for Skelton


Now that Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback John Skelton has been named starter for tomorrow's game against the Denver Broncos, he must do everything he can to impress - now.  Unfortunately Skelton isn't going to have a lot of time to show what he can do.  You can thank the Cards record for that.

The fact that the Cards are 3-9, with four games left, now is the time to find out if Skelton can be a player the Cards can count on for the future.  The Cards can finish anywhere from 3-13 to 7-9.  The closer to 3-13 the Cards finish will put them in a prime position in the 2011 NFL Draft to get a high level quarterback who is NFL ready.

Skelton may not get another chance after tomorrow if it doesn't work out for him.  If the Cards lose tomorrow and Derek Anderson is healthy next week, DA will probably finish it out to try to get the Cards a couple of victories to end the season.  I will put one caveat on that.  If the Cards lose a close one and Skelton was able to prove his worth by engineering a couple of touchdown drives and not making a lot of mistakes, he may get that second shot.

Time is running out though.  Max Hall got a few shots to impress.  Now though with all the circumstances surrounding Skelton's start, he will need to shine tomorrow or he may never get a chance to shine with the Cards.