Cards-Panthers Still Worth Watching as a Fan


The Arizona Cardinals play the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in Charlotte, NC.  With the Cards being 4-9 and the Panthers 1-12 most would say there is not much to play for or for fans to care about in Sunday’s matchup.

I say that’s not true.  Sure, a casual NFL fan won’t care worth a damn about this game.  This game is truly for die-hards.  There are some things worth watching on Sunday.

Rookie John Skelton makes his second career start.  He won his first career start by not losing the game and being able to manager the offense, despite not throwing any touchdown passes.

Rookie Jimmy Clausen.  This may be one of his last chances to impress the Panthers brass.  He hasn’t exactly endeared himself to Panthers fans yet with his on the field performance.

The Cardinals running game.  Tim Hightower ran for a career high 148 yards last Sunday, including two touchdown runs.  Maybe last week was the start of solidifying a more balanced attack.

Whatever the case, the Cards still have a lot to play for as do the Panthers.  There is the issue of draft positioning.  Obviously a loss and Carolina is in prime position to pick number one in the 2011 NFL Draft.

The Cards just need to continue to play to win.  After this season, 7-9 doesn’t all sound too bad at this point.  It sure beats 3-13 and before you say it does because of draft positioning, please stop.  I am done arguing that point.