Adrian Wilson Named to the Pro Bowl


So I guess you don't have to be an all-pro in order to make the NFL Pro Bowl.  Then again, the Pro Bowl just as it is in other sports is just a popularity contest for the most part.  That's what happens when you let fans vote.

Now, fans should have say no doubt.  Of course coaches and players also get a voice in the process as well.  Look at most of the NFC roster and it's saturated with Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons and rightfully so.  What I would like to know is how Adrian Wilson gets in on what has arguably been his worst season?

Where is punter Ben Graham?  Kicker Jay Feely?  I would argue for LaRod Stephens-Howling, but he was injured too much and the Chicago Bears Devin Hester really turned it on over the past couple of months, so I'd be crazy to argue that one.

I like Wilson and he is one of the best all-time defenders in Cardinals history but you have to agree Wilson was not even close to playing a Pro Bowl type season.  He seems a step or two slower.  He didn't hit as hard as in years past.  He just seems like a player at the tail end of a good career.  Then this, go figure.  Well I wish A-Dub all the best.  Maybe this was a pick based on career contributions.  However I always thought these things were for current contributions?  What do I know, right?