Cardinals Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis Relieved of Duties


In a not so surprising move, the Arizona Cardinals relieved defensive coordinator Bill Davis of his coaching duties today.  My only question, what took so long?  Clearly this was a move that was needed.

Davis has been criticized all season for the way the Cards defense performed and rightfully so.  The Cards were near the bottom of almost every defensive category this season.  This coming from a unit that supposedly was going to have a great year.  Darnell Dockett was given a contract extension.  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was supposed to come of age.  Greg Toler was in his second year.  None of them performed to the level expected.

You can also include Pro Bowler Adrian Wilson in the mix of disappointments as well as Calais Campbell.  The list goes on.  You can't pin the blame solely on Davis, however it is easier to let one man be the fall guy for the lack of performance of many.

Now let the search begin for a new coordinator.  I hope it is a quick decision but one that is given some scrutiny.  Hopefully the Cards have some candidates in mind already.