As I sit here and watch the NFC Championship Game between t..."/> As I sit here and watch the NFC Championship Game between t..."/>

Cardinals NFC Championship Game Seems So Long Ago


As I sit here and watch the NFC Championship Game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, I can’t help but remember back to the NFC Championship two years ago between the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles.  Oh how times have changed.  Cards finished 5-11 this season and the Eagles made the playoffs but lost in the first round to the Packers at home.

Then again, times have changed for many in the NFL.  Changes every year.  Just take a look at the last nine NFC Championship Game match-ups, proving, especially in the NFC, there is parity.

2002 – St. Louis Rams defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 29-24

2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10

2004 – Carolina Panthers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 14-3

2005 – Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Atlanta Falcons 27-10

2006 – Seattle Seahawks defeated the Carolina Panthers 34-14

2007 – Chicago Bears defeated the New Orleans Saints 39-14

2008 – New York Giants defeated the Green Bay Packers 23-20

2009 – Arizona Cardinals defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 32-25

2010 – New Orleans Saints defeated the Minnesota Vikings 31-28

Nine seasons, nine different winners.  So, you can’t feel too bad as you look at past history.  Doesn’t mean we don’t yearn for more, but this just proves how hard it is to get this far, unless you are the Eagles.  Then, you know how to make it this far with plenty of experience.  They did manage to make one Super Bowl appearance once out of their five NFC Championship Games in the past nine years.

We all know the Cardinals have a lot of work to do, but you have to feel with the right moves at quarterback, offensive line, and defense, the Cards could find themselves right back here, hopefully as soon as next season.  It will take a lot of work though.  A LOT.