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A Look Back at the Super Bowl Commercials


The Super Bowl commercials yesterday overall were pretty good in my estimation, enough to keep me interested in two teams I wasn't very interested in.  Sure there were some duds.  There were some I just didn't plain get.  Then there were those I felt we had seen before.  There were also some really entertaining ones along the way and were pretty spread out over the entire game.

The first quarter commercials probably had the best mix of good or above average commercials.

There was the Doritos Pug Attack.  I thought this was pretty funny.  I know people get tired of the animals in the commercials, but this one had me laughing out loud.  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for funny dog commercials.

Doritos might have outdone itself though with the cheese fingers and pants titled "The Best Part".  Something so wrong, but yet SO hilarious with this spot.

Pepsi Max was popular on Sunday as well.  The first spot, was great.  I liked how it ended even though you could pretty much see it coming.

Other popular ones with me included Bud Light and Audi.  The Chevy Cruze commercial with the old people was cute but I think left something there to be desired.

The BEST one in my opinion for the first quarter though was the Doritos House Sitting ad.  Loved it!

Second quarter:

Bridgestone Reply All was pretty cool only because I think all of us have been there at least once in our lives.

The Bud Light cowboy singing Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" was unexpected but cool.

My surprising entertaining choice came from Teleflora.  I totally didn't see the "nice rack" comment coming, especially in a flower commercial starring Faith Hill.

This quarters commercials I could have done without included Coke, which seemed like a lot of effort going into something only to end with no satisfaction from the consumer at the end.  Had no idea this was even for Coke until the end.'s Joan Rivers commercial was a dud too.  Oh, and how can you be anything but disappointed with Snickers Betty White commercial follow up with a Richard Lewis and Rosanne Barr spot?

The clear second quarter WINNER was Volkswagon's Darth Vader commercial.  It was probably my favorite of the entire game.  They revealed the kid inside the mask on television this morning.  How adorable is he?  Reminds me of my young son.

Third quarter:

A much tougher quarter to judge., E*Trade, Stella, Groupon, and, an interesting concept in itself, all put forth good efforts.

I did like the Best Buy effort with Ozzy Osborne and Justin BieberCoke was much better in its second effort as well.

Carmax was interesting, but the quarter winner had to be the Chrysler Ad with Eminem.  Nice job Chrysler!

Fourth Quarter:

I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised with a few of the spots. had their second ad appear. left us wanting more, again.  Bud Light had another ad, this one with a dog sitter.  Mercedes had a forgettable commercial.

Fox's "House" had a Coke spoof which was pretty darn cool too.  So was the NFL's self serving "Best Fans Ever" commercial.

I was most happy this quarter with the VW Beetle.  I love the "Black Betty" tune.

Overall I came out entertained for the evening.  There were other commercials I failed to touch on here, however these were the most memorable to me.  Which one was your favorite? You may vote for UP TO 3 commercials.