NFL Mock Draft NFL Mock Draft NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft


This is my second NFL Mock Draft so far this off-season. This time I am only going to mock the first ten picks. I keep hearing how the Arizona Cardinals might go in a different direction than quarterback. A lot of others think that will happen anyway. I still believe they are going that route. If they ever pick up a free agent quarterback or find one via trade, then I reserve the right to change my mind.

1. Carolina Panthers - Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

2. Denver Broncos - Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

3. Buffalo Bills - Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

4. Cincinnati Bengals - A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

5. Arizona Cardinals - Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

6. Cleveland Browns - Nate Solder, OT, Colorado

7. San Francisco 49'ers - Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

8. Tennessee Titans - Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina

9. Dallas Cowboys - Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

10. Washington Redskins -Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M