Ok, we all know now that the Ok, we all know now that the

As We All Take Our Collective Breath


Ok, we all know now that the NFL owners and players have agreed to a one week extension to try to come up with a new Collective Barganing Agreement. Will it work or is it just delaying the inevitable?

As far as I'm concerned it just delays the inevitable.  You can give 40 or 50 extensions and I really truly believe all it does is delay the impending lockout.  The real question though does it hurt or help the Arizona Cardinals?  I have to believe it certainly doesn't help.

The Cards have so many needs.  They have more needs than Charlie Sheen at this point.  Not only do they have many needs, that have huge ones, like who the heck will be this team's quarterback next season?  This is something that can't be resolved until a new CBA is in place.  Of course the Cards aren't the only ones a lockout would fail to help.  There are many other teams with needs as well.

One positive is it keeps the rich from getting richer (unless you're an NFL owner and with the billions they have, it's not like a lockout is going to hurt them, at least in the early going).  Fans just want to know when the CBA is signed, they really don't care about all the other crap.  All they want to hear is done deal.  That's all I want to hear.  Extensions mean nothing to me right now other than a lockout will start next Thursday instead of this past one.