Winning! With the NFL Collective ..."/> Winning! With the NFL Collective ..."/>

Possible Lockout? Winning!


Winning! With the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement still in limbo, I look at who the lockout doesn't hurt, but could actually help.  Yes, that's right, a lockout could help some people.  Say what you ask?

The following could benefit from an NFL shutdown:

Charlie Sheen of course.  It gives us more time to focus on his new Twitter account and allows us as fans more time to go find ourselves some tiger blood.

Comedy Clubs.  As a avid NFL fan, with all off-season aspects except the draft on hold, it gives all fans time for some other entertainment.  The situation is sure to be fodder for the comedians, cause there is nothing funnier than watching grown men argue over money.  Ok, I might be exaggerating.

Your significant others.  Yep, they should get more significant other time with no football to talk about.  That is, until you discover there actually IS an NBA season (cause trust me, not many of us around here have noticed much), and MLB is in Spring Training and starting a season on April 1st.  Oh, and let's not forget about the NHL.  However if you're a Cards fan, good chance is you're a Phoenix Coyotes fan too and right now they are on a four game skid, making the playoff possibilities seem even that much further away.

If a lockout lasts into the fall, it most certainly will help church attendance on Sunday's.  Hey, God will take you in if all else fails.  He will understand when you go back to the game you love once the lockout ends.  Then again, we must watch out though for unanswered prayers.  So many NFL players rely on God for their prayers only to see so many come up empty handed.  They are answered every now and then though, so say a prayer for a new CBA.