The Arizona Cardinals have a lot of needs come ..."/> The Arizona Cardinals have a lot of needs come ..."/>

Arizona Cardinals Draft Needs: Offensive Line Preview


The Arizona Cardinals have a lot of needs come NFL Draft time, one of them being the offensive line.  Here is a look at what they have now and why they need help at the position.

What they have now:  Brandon Keith, Deuce Lutui, Rex Hadnot, Alan Faneca, Jeremy Bridges, Levi Brown, Ben Claxton

Why they need change and/or addition: Let's be honest.  They aren't very good.  Kurt Warner made them look good at times and they looked anything but in 2010.  Lutui may stay a little longer and is very personable, but inconsistent.  Faneca is getting old and showed every bit of that last season.  The Levi Brown experiment is almost run its course.  The others, well, just aren't very good, although Hadnot had his moments.

Possible top draftees: Mike Pouncey, Florida; Danny Watkins, Baylor; John Moffitt, Wisconsin; Anthony Costonzo, Boston College; Nate Solder, Colorado; Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin; Tyron Smith, USC

What will happen: It is tough to think the Cardinals messed up the first round bad enough to be taking Pouncey, who will be a middle first rounder.  Same can be said for Smith, Costonzo, and Solder.  That being said unless things have gone horribly wrong, none of these guys will fall to Arizona, but they are the best of the lot.  Look for the Cards to find an OL in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.