Arizona Cardinals Draft Needs: Outside Linebacker Preview


The Arizona Cardinals have a lot of needs come NFL Draft time, one of them being the linebacker position.  Here is a look at what they have now and why they need help at the position.

What they have now:  Joey Porter, Clark Haggans, Will Davis

Why they need change and/or addition: Because Porter and Haggans are getting old.  Porter did not produce the way the Cardinals expected him to in 2010.  Davis is still young but he can't be the only one doing the work.  He needs help.

Possible top draftees: Von Miller, Texas A&M; Akeem Ayers, UCLA; Justin Houston, Georgia

What will happen: Depends on what happens with the number five pick and the Cards quarterback situation.  If Miller is still available at five and the Cards haven't traded it away, expect the Cards to jump on Miller. They almost certainly will find a linebacker in a later round if Miller is gone and/or the Cards have given the pick away.