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Giving Up the Five Pick for Kolb Would be a Good Move


The NFL is a quarterback driven league.  We all know that.  We all saw the troubles the Arizona Cardinals had behind center in 2010.  So, when the news comes out today that the Philadelphia Eagles are entertaining trade offers for Kevin Kolb and rumors are they would trade him for a first round pick, you have to immediately think the Cards are interested, right?

Well, truth be told, I think the Cards are growing more and more interested in taking  linebacker Von Miller from Texas A&M at the number five.  However, now we hear that the Seattle Seahawks are willing to give up their first round pick for Kolb.  The Cards would be wise to not let that happen.  Forget Carson Palmer.  Don’t want him.  Forget Marc Bulger as well.  Problem is, you won’t be able to ignore either of them if you let the Hawks or San Francisco 49ers get in your way.

The Cards have the most leverage as far as the draft goes.  Now, is Kolb good enough to give up a number five pick on?  Probably not, but in today’s NFL, and the Cards proved this every Sunday last season, you need an NFL ready starting quarterback.  You can have all the talented passengers you want, but if you don’t have a good driver, nothing but bad things happen.  The quarterback is your leader.  Whoever comes to Arizona is going to have to accept that role, immediately.  Why not Kevin Kolb?  He still has a long career in front of him.