Here We Go, NFL Changing Rules Again


Apparently, even where there is an ongoing lockout, the rules can still be changed. The NFL yesterday voted to change kickoffs from the 30 to the 35 yard line.  My only question is why?  The NFL changes rules supposedly for the better of the game and for the better of competition.  The only people this helps are the weak legged kickers who couldn’t make the end zone otherwise.

Listen, I think it is good for special teams that like touchbacks.  It is not good for the kick returner.  The NFL kick return was in full force last season.  We saw a return of the explosiveness of the Chicago Bears Devin Hester.  We saw the emergence of the Arizona Cardinals LaRod Stephens-Howling.  Moving kickoffs up to the 35 reduces chances to see either one of those guys return kicks for touchdowns.

I thought the league was all about trying to increase scoring.  All this does is give teams like the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills, two teams that generally play low scoring games and have trouble scoring on offense, hope.  Hope schmope.  The NFL should have left this one alone.  Then again, they do have nothing better to do since they’ve locked out their players.