Gab All You Want, Gabbert Might be the Guy


We draw closer and closer to the NFL Draft and it seems more and more likely the Arizona Cardinals will try to go quarterback and select Blaine Gabbert from Missouri with the number five pick in the 2011 draft.  That all depends on who you believe though.

Gabbert was visited by the Cards last week, whereas another top ten quarterback prospect, Cam Newton from Auburn, was going to be visited by no less than nine teams, none of them being the Cards.  When the college season ended, it seemed Gabbert was far off the Cards radar, much so because he ran a spread offense in Missouri and scouts weren't sure he could translate that success into an NFL offense.  The Cards seem to think he can apparently.

It really doesn't surprise me the Cards may go quarterback after all, but I'd still be on the lookout for Von Miller, the linebacker from Texas A&M.  I would stay tuned to this development because it is likely to change about 17 more times between now and the end of April.