McNabb Says Forget About It


If you wanted to see current and soon to be former Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb in an Arizona Cardinals uniform, you can just forget about it, at least if you believe McNabb yourself.  According to McNabb, when asked by local media, he said he will not be playing here anytime soon.

It is just as well.  It was pretty apparent the Cardinals were not willing to marry themselves to McNabb.  However, the thought was nice for awhile.  I still think he is better than what we have now.  However, that being said, I believe the Cards are going to try to build for the future and McNabb is not really the mentoring type.  Someone like Marc Bulger would fit that mold.

That begs the question where does McNabb fit?  The valley resident most likely is done in D.C., but where will he go?  There are a lot of teams looking to change the man behind center.  I would suspect that we won't find out until just before training camp, if there is one at all.  This much is known, if the Redskins take a quarterback high in the draft, you know McNabb will be moved once teams are allowed to transact again.