Arizona Cardinals Roster A to Z: Levi Brown


As we wait for the NFL labor situation to be resolved,this is a continuation of a series on current Arizona Cardinals players and my thoughts on the past performance all the way to whether I think they will be on the roster in 2011. I go from A and go to Z.  Next up:  Tackle Levi Brown

2010 analysis:  After a fairly good 2009 season, 2010 was a disappointment.  Brown could not replicate the success he had in 2009, which found him as a Pro Bowl alternate.  2010 didn't even come close.  It was almost to the point Brown digressed rather than progressed and left some thinking whether he had a future with the Cardinals.

2011 outlook:  Hard to say.  He certainly can't replicate his 2010 season in 2011.  If he does, not only will he find himself out of a job with the Cardinals but possibly out of an NFL job period.