Arizona Cardinals Roster A to Z: Ben Claxton


As we wait for the NFL labor situation to be resolved,this is a continuation of a series on current Arizona Cardinals players and my thoughts on the past performance all the way to whether I think they will be on the roster in 2011. I go from A and go to Z.  Next up:  Center Ben Claxton

2010 analysis:  Not much to analyze.  Claxton, I guess you could say, is a serviceable backup.  He didn't make a lot of mistakes during his time backing up Lyle Sendlein.  Then again, hard to make too many mistakes when you ride the bench.

2011 outlook:  His status with the Cards I guess all depends on how free agency and the draft goes.  Hard to say where he will be next season but if I was a betting man, he'd be right back on the Cards bench.