Von Miller Could be a Bright Star for the Cardinals


As we draw closer to the NFL draft in two weekends,the big chatter surrounding the Arizona Cardinals is who will they pick with the fifth pick in the draft.  It is still quite the guessing game, even this close to the draft.  The Cards could go quarterback but most think they now will reach for a linebacker from Texas A&M.  His name?  Von Miller, and he could be a huge star in the NFL.  He is that good.

Is he Ray Lewis good?  Maybe.  They way people speak about him though he just may be the next coming.  When you are a linebacker and projected to go number five in the draft overall, you are good.  Really good. When you are projected to be taken by an Arizona Cardinals franchise that is desperate to find the quarterback of the future and several of them possibly available in this draft and projected to go high up, you are good.  Really good.

His strength seems to be against the pass.  His work against the run is considered improving.  He has good hands and is quick.  There is a good bet the Buffalo Bills is looking at him at number three.  However, Buffalo is in a similar position as the Cards, as they are too searching for their future quarterback.  Can either the Bills or Cards pass on a future quarterback to get Miller?  Well, both are strongly considering it and that says volumes about Miller’s abilities.  If he is still around after the fifth pick, consider that a major draft upset.