Judge tells NFL Lockout is No More


It will still be a fight, but for today, the players win.  Judge Susan Nelson ruled the NFL lockout lifted this afternoon.  Essentially she said, the owners are hurting the players and the fans.  Of course the owners didn't agree and immediately requested a stay.  Judge Nelson denied the stay so now the NFL can go to the 8th Circuit Court to obtain a stay.  Legal experts are divided, but it seems like a stay is unlikely unless someone can prove the judge did not interpret the laws correctly.

So what does this mean?  As of right now, players can report to work and get paid for it.  I couldn't be happier about today's decision, however we must temper it until this thing completely plays out in court.  Personally I don't see this thing going too far in court.  Eventually the owners will be required to open the books and they don't want that.  I say make them do it anyway.  The owners are greedy.  The only aspect of the argument that I am on the owners side on is rookie salaries.  We all know they are too high.  It should be pay for performance, not pay for potential.  If we all got paid for potential, many more of us would be rich and there would never have been a recession.

I will be interested to see which Arizona Cardinals, if any, show up to work and start working out?  I don't think you'll see many, if any, at all until this thing has played out.  For now though, enjoy a lockout-less NFL.  I'm sure much more to come.