Lockout Ends but Nothing Has Changed


Ho hum, another day of the NFL lockout.  Oh, what?  It's over?  I hadn't noticed.  Apparently the NFL doesn't care the judge has lifted the lockout.  Business, or no business in this case, remained the same on Tuesday.  The players showed at team facilities, but they still couldn't do anything except walk in the door and even that at times seemed challenging.

In the case of the Arizona Cardinals, Kerry Rhodes showed up.  However he wasn't even allowed to go to his locker.  Not sure what the issue is there.  Maybe the NFL was worried about liability of him tripping over his bench.  Who knows?  All I know is, don't expect anything to change until either a stay is denied, which it will be, or a new CBA is signed.

So, for now, I just look forward to the draft.  Two days until the first round.  There will be a record number of draftees attending, so at least they haven't been swayed by this ridiculous situation.