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Arizona Could be Trading Down


We are down to just over 24 hours before the 2011 NFL Draft begins.  It is still very much a guessing game as to what the Arizona Cardinals do.  Adam Schetfer, ESPN NFL Insider, just reported on KTAR he thinks the Cards may be trading down.  He has Von Miller going second to Denver and Patrick Peterson falling to the number five spot.  I would take Peterson if he is at five.  All I can say if Peterson is available at five and the Cards decide to trade, it had better be a great offer.

Blaine Gabbert is probably off the board as far as the Cards are concerned.  For some reason, the Cards were high on him early, but have seemed to back off.  Some might find that surprising.  I don't because although I truly think Gabbert is NFL ready, he isn't the best fit for the Cards system.

Von Miller would be a great fit, but many have him off the board before number five.  If he is still there by some miracle at number five, there can be no way the Cards pass on him.  I'm not convinced they feel as strongly about Peterson as they do Miller.  They certainly don't need receiver A.J. Green. The Cards might be in a great position.  Many options available for the Cards and that's what is making this so exciting.