Cards Take Risk With Second Rounder Williams


I'll be honest.  I was a little disappointed when Andy Dalton went off the board.  Then I knew the Cards might screw this up once Colin Kaepernick went off.  Then, they did screw it up.  Ok, I won't be too harsh on RB Ryan Williams out of Virginia Tech yet.  He did rush for 1,600 yards - 2 years ago.  Last year was a different story.

The Cards took a running back in the second round.  IN THE SECOND ROUND.  The position, although a disappointment in 2010, is not a major need.  So what does this pick mean?  Well, it means either Tim Hightower or Beanie Wells had better be talking to their agents because one of them is most likely packing.  You don't take a RB in the second round with the ability of Williams and keep him on the bench.

Hightower is most likely the guy to go.  He will have no one to blame but himself though.  He put the ball on the ground one too many times in crucial situations.  Now, Williams has been known to drop the ball once or twice, however in the recent NFL Combine, he didn't drop one pass or fumble a single ball.  Pretty impressive.  What's not impressive is the timing of the pick.  The Cards have so many other needs.  Maybe the Cards felt this was a need based on the performances last season.  Maybe, just maybe it was the bow tie Williams that got him selected?  After all, that's the tie of choice for Cards Owner Bill Bidwill.

Let's hope disappointment in the Cards draft continues.  I was just getting used to all the praise they were getting for the first round pick.