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Arizona Cardinals Draft on Hope and a Prayer


Talk about a draft we saw coming out of nowhere.  Well, as far as the Arizona Cardinals themselves are concerned, it all played out the way they wanted.  Of course that's what they will say publicly.  Public perception though is another thing.  The Cards finished out the 2011 NFL Draft today and by the looks of things overall, the Cards are going to take things into the 2011 season on hope and prayer.

After taking running back Ryan Williams from Virginia Tech and Robert Housler from Florida Atlantic yesterday, today they took all kinds of gambles.

Sam Acho, DE from Texas.

Anthony Sherman, FB, UConn

Quan Sturdivant, LB North Carolina

David Carter, DT UCLA

Demarco Sampson, WR San Diego State

I can't sit here and proclaim this draft a bust and I won't.  We got Patrick Peterson from LSU in round 1.  Even Ryan Williams may turn out great, but he's been picked for a position that is now loaded.  Carter doesn't have a ton of experience.  Drafting a FB is also a risky take.  All of these players have their upsides, but did the Cards really address some needs in the draft?  They did draft a LB in Sturdivant.  Acho is a DE the Cards could use some assistance at.

The Cards didn't get a QB in the draft.  I'm a little surprised they didn't pick up a guy they could groom.  That would still have left them with the luxury of going and getting a free agent QB, which they are going to still have to do anyway.

I guess only time will tell, but for now the overall grade is a "C".