2011 NFL Draft Winners

As with every draft you have your winners and losers.  Some start out winning and end up in disaster.  Some are just winners top to bottom. The Arizona Cardinals draft was ok. They got Patrick Peterson from LSU, but after that, the jury is out.

Here, in my opinion, are the winners of the 2011 NFL Draft…..IN MY OPINION.  Let’s not forget that part.  I think sometimes people think what I say I believe to be fact.  While I will have those that agree with me I’m sure, there will be an equal amount of those that disagree and I welcome that.  Here are my top five winners of the draft.

1. Detroit Lions – How can you not like what the Lions did?  They addressed need while still getting some of the best players available at the time of their picks.  That all started with getting Nick Fairley from Auburn.  How can you not LOVE that pick if you are a Lions fan?  Fairly is going to take pressure off of Ndamukong Suh, who saw a lot of double teams in his rookie season.  Of course what Lions draft is complete without a WR?  They picked up a good one in Titus Young from Boise State.  Well done Lions!

2. Houston Texans –  They picked up a monster DE in J.J. Watt from Wisconsin in the first round.  He immediately makes the Texans a formidable pass rushing team.  After that they went out and got a steal at #42 with Brooks Reed from Arizona.  Reed is another piece of the puzzle to a new found Texans pass rush.  They also got a steal to upgrade their secondary with their third round pick in Brandon Harris from Miami.  Not too bad at all.

3. Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs picked up WR Jonathan Baldwin from Pittsburgh in the first round, a nice compliment to Dwayne Bowe.  What I really like is the steal they got in round five with QB Ricky Stanzi.  He doesn’t yet posses all the tools of a prototype NFL quarterback, however he is smart enough to develop the skills over the next couple of seasons.

4. New York Giants – They got themselves a royal jewel in the first round with CB Prince Amukamara.  He not only was a player of need, but also the best available player left on the board when it came time for the Giants to make their selection.  Getting WR Jerrel Jernigan from Troy in the third round and OL James Brewer from Indiana in the fourth rounds were two more really good picks for the Giants.  Jernigan will also help out in the return game as well as receiver.  Brewer comes in at a position of need as the Giants attempt to re-tool the offensive line.

5. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens got decent players at positions of need and that’s what the draft is all about.  They needed to get younger at CB and they did that with their first round pick Jimmy Smith from Colorado.  According to NFL.com, he was considered the best cover corner in the draft. I also like the selection of WR Torrey Smith from Maryland.  He gives QB Joe Flacco a legitimate weapon in the passing game.  Also, a nice pickup with QB Tyrod Taylor from Virginia Tech in the sixth round, who could turn into a nice backup to Flacco.