More Rumors on Arizona Cardinals Going After Kevin Kolb


According to Seth Pollack of SB Nation Arizona reported today that before the lockout was abruptly back on last week, the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles had a deal in place to send Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb to Arizona in exchange for a 2012 NFL Draft first round pick.  What do I say to that?  We'll see.  Kolb I suspect will come with a heavy price.

Kolb is still a relatively unknown when it comes to playing a full season.  He was supposed to supplant Donovan McNabb last season, however Kolb got hurt in the season opener and Michael Vick took over, save for his own injuries.  I'm am convinced of two things.  Kolb will be an upgrade from what the Cards had at any point in 2010.  Kolb will also cost the Cards a lot of money.

For the Cards, weighing between those two facts will be why this deal may not be complete immediately after the lockout is lifted.  There are still the free agency rumors with Marc Bulger.  I guarantee you the free agents come at a much lesser price and in the short term may be the better answer for the Cards, even though Kolb is a better quarterback than Bulger.

All I can say is, take any rumors with a grain of salt right now.  No team can act on any of them until the lockout is lifted anyway and don't expect any one to let any possible moves slip.  That would be tampering.  Wake me up when the lockout is over and then we'll talk Cards QB.