Faneca Finally Makes Retirement Official


When the Arizona Cardinals offensive linemen Alan Faneca announced his retirement today, a friend wanted to know what I thought.  Well, I thought he already was retired.  He played like it in 2010.  Now he just made it official.  He doesn't have to "play" retired anymore.  Now, he can actually stay at home on Sunday's.

Faneca had some great years.  However, the one in Arizona is not counted among them.  When the New York Jets allowed Faneca to leave as a free-agent after 2009 many wondered why.  Well, now we know why.  Age caught up with him, as is easily can do with offensive linemen.

Now it leaves a hole on the offensive line that could grow even bigger if other linemen Deuce Lutui and Lyle Sendlein don't re-sign either.  Of course it just leaves a hole physically, one I hope the Cards can fill fast once free agency starts.  I don't know what the Cards can get done in free agency on the line, but they are going to have to try and try hard and fast once the lockout is lifted.