Best Fit for Cards at Quarterback is the One Who Can Win

Only winners need apply for the next starting quarterback job for the Arizona Cardinals.  Names keep getting thrown around in the media as to who the Cards are seeking for their quarterback for 2011.  Unfortunately it will continue to only be speculation until the lockout is lifted and the NFL is back in business.

A closer look at the top five candidates:

Kevin Kolb - he is my choice to be the next Cards starting quarterback, however he may come at the highest price of them all.  The Philadelphia Eagles will most likely want a 2012 first round pick and at least one player.  Who that player is remains to be seen, but it won't be the third string tight end I can tell you that.  Kolb has a lot of upside.  He is young and still learning.  He does however have the littlest experience.  He will also want a contract extension.  It all depends on how much the Cards are willing to spend. I think Kolb has the potential to win a lot of games in this league given the chance to start on an every week basis.

Marc Bulger - a couple of weeks ago it was reported that the Cards had an "understanding" with Bulger to sign him.  I don't know where that came from, but now it is looking less and less like the Cards will gamble on Bulger, especially since the Cards didn't select a QB in the draft.  Bulger has been on the decline for several years now.  I think the 2003 days of Bulger are gone forever.  He would be a huge gamble but still probably better than what the Cards had in 2010.

Kyle Orton - this one I don't understand.  Everyone talks about what a good pickup this would be and what a great QB Orton is.  Really?  I mean REALLY??  There is a reason Chicago shipped him off to the Denver Broncos.  There is a reason why Orton couldn't win in Denver.  I'm not saying he is a bad QB but to make him out to be a possible savior for the Cards is just ridiculous.  I honestly don't know why the Cards would consider him.  I guess if you have a pulse and can throw a football....

Donovan McNabb - this rumor is thankfully starting to die down.  For months it has been reported the Cards aren't interested, except people still don't listen.  Just because McNabb lives here doesn't make him a fit for the Cards.  Would I like to have him?  Sure.  Is he the best fit?  Maybe, maybe not.  However multiple sources have said the Cards aren't interested, so let's drop this one from contention, really.

Carson Palmer - here is another one I truly don't understand.  Some media make Palmer out to be the end all to be all.  In fact, I would consider him average at best.  He is probably middle of the pack in the NFL when ranking current starting quarterbacks in the NFL.  Sure, Palmer has had to put up with some personalities with the Cincinnati Bengals but a good quarterback knows how to overcome that.  I don't understand how Palmer is even in the discussion in the first place?  Cincy has been steadfast in it's stance in regards to Palmer.  He's not being traded.  Let him retire.  How long that stance remains, does remain to be seen, but they do sound genuine in that threat.  I say pass unless Kolb is unavailable and Cincy is serious about dealing him.  I will take him over Orton though.