The 8th Circuit Court Renders its Decision


A permanent stay of execu...uh um, I mean NFL Lockout.  That was the 2-1 decision by the 8th Circuit Court today, saying the NFL would ultimately suffer harm if the lockout was lifted.  I beg to differ but I'm no judge.  I'm just jury.  Unfortunately in this case there doesn't get to be one of those.

The court stated the NFL will:

""likely will suffer some degree of irreparable harm without a stay.""

Irreparable?  Apparently the word has a new meaning. Well, whatever the case, don't expect arguments that will be heard from both sides in court on June 3rd to change anything at this point.  It's a shame we are going to lose the 2011 season.  Fans, sponsors, and vendors are all hurt.  Not just the players.

The court has made this lockout into more a circus.  The NFL refuses to open its books.  There will be no irreparable harm, but we'll never see the proof because unlike every other business in the land, the NFL feels like they can keep everything a secret.  What it comes down to though in the end is a greedy business that will make sure it does everything it can to get what it wants.  Now that the court is in their back pockets, there is nothing keeping this lockout from going for years.  The owners can apparently afford it.