Catching Up With Arizona Cardinals Twitterers


The world of the NFL and the Arizona Cardinals have been pretty quiet this week, however those Cards on Twitter are as active as ever.  They have to do something to pass the time, right?  I assume they all survived The Rapture as the rest of us did.  Here is a small sampling of what Cards players have tweeted this week.

A recent tweet by Cards defensive end Calais Campbell answering safety Kerry Rhodes, who is clearly happy to have survived The Rapture:



"Gmorning twit fam! We are still alive. Let's make it count"



"never know when its over so live it to the fullest everyday"

Cards safety Matt Ware is having a good time:


"over here with my dude @Young__Assassin and @HamzaAbdullah21 in NM chillin...we out here #yeeeeeee"

Cards kicker Jay Feely has been keeping close tabs on the NBA Western Conference Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks


"There is no question the benching and questioning of Westbrook had an impact on OKC tonight. Out of sync early and no rhythm throughout.....When your point guard knows every shot he takes and misses might get him benched & definitely will get him criticized, recipe for disaster"

As you can see, Cards players are just as opinionated as the rest of us.  Here is a list of Cards players on Twitter: