Lockout End May Depend on Players Giving In


You hate to see it if you are on the players side as I am, however in order to see an end to this NFL lockout, I'm afraid the players may eventually have to give a number of concessions to the owners.

The players ultimately have more to lose in this case, no matter what you hear from the mouths of the owners.  Those same owners refuse to show us their books, which means they are doing just fine.  My guess is they couldn't find a way to explain what's in those books and couldn't find a good lie or at least a stretch of the truth.

The owners know the players are going to cave at some point.  The owners have the billions.  The players, and not all of them, millions.  It is a real shame the courts have sided with the NFL up to this point.  Clearly on a one off when it comes to one judge like Susan Nelson, you have someone who can take a real close look at the situation and come up with a sound decision.  When you get three judges deciding your fat, you're bound to have dissension.

I don't like spending a lot of time on the lockout, however we are now nearing the three-month mark on the lockout and before too long, the preseason and regular season will strongly feel the effects.  Let's get 'er done people!