May Ends Same as it Began, Still in Lockout Mode


The Arizona Cardinals are no closer to the playing field. Players and owners aren't meeting and the longer this NFL lockout drags, it appears more and more likely the 2011 season is in major jeopardy.  I would have thought the players might show an inkling of buckling on some of the issues, but apparently they are quite content with letting this drag out going into June.

I didn't expect any noise in terms of a lockout end, but at least some movement towards a joint goal of ending this thing is just pure fantasy.  Speaking of fantasy, this is definitely going to ruin my hope for getting fantasy drafts going in July.  My only fantasy now is this damn thing finds some kind of resolution in the next four weeks.

I want to see the Cards quarterback situation resolved.  I want to see free agent signings.  I want to see OTA's.  I want to see training camp.  I know I me me.  I'm selfish that way.  Honestly I just want to see some NFL.  I'm loving baseball but I don't see a lot of people flocking to the seats in baseball stadiums. about some NCAA Football?? We still have that right?