It Has to be Kolb for the Desert

So many stories, so many rumors.  The continuing saga of who will be the next Arizona Cardinals quarterback continues to make its way through the internet and sports television news land.  My guess is as good as yours.  We can only chase after the latest rumor we hear.  That's all I do.  Now what I choose to believe or not believe is a whole different story.

Most rumors still have current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb being traded to Arizona, but of course no one can confirm or deny that.  That would be against league rules.  So where the rumors start as to what the Cards would be willing to part with or even if the Eagles would be willing to let Kolb go in the first place, is beyond me.  Some say it seems likely Kolb is coming to Arizona and there are multiple reports stating that opinion.  Then you have other that think current Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton is the guy.  Please no.

I know Orton is the more experienced guy.  However I also know I have more experience watching Orton play.  I'll take my chances on Kolb.  if he doesn't work out, you give props to the Cards for doing what they could and what was thought to be best for the organization at the time.

Whoever it is, they had better be ready to perform.  Fans want the Cards to get this one right.  Two good seasons in a row have this city thirsty for more after a dismal 2010 from the quarterback position.  My heart of hearts say the Cards won't mess this one up.