Arizona Cardinals Need to Think Younger, Not Older With QB Position


Let’s face it, the Arizona Cardinals are not going to find another Kurt Warner.  Warner, who resurrected his career in Arizona after a couple of Super Bowl runs with the St. Louis Rams, retired at the age of 38.  Some would argue he still had at least one more good year in him and others would argue he left at the right time.  Do the Cards want to go through that again?  Well, I would say no, but chances are it could happen, going after an older veteran to take the reins at quarterback.

Latest rumor out there has the Cardinals possibly looking at Matt Hasselbeck, who has still not decided if he is going to return to the Seattle Seahawks or not.  Personally, I think he is definitely better than what the Cards have now.  However, he is injury prone and another quarterback at the tail end of a career.  If they get Hasselbeck, just for how long do they get him?

This is why I prefer to see the Cards try to trade for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.  Sure, Kolb is much less experienced.  he has only started 7 NFL games.  That being said though, Kolb is NFL ready and will be around, supposedly, for quite a number of years.  That’s the road the Cards should take once the NFL is back open for business.

It sounds like the Marc Bulger rumors and the Donovan McNabb rumors have died down a bit.  Good.  Neither one of them is a long term solution.  Kolb and maybe Kyle Orton would be a much better solution for the long term, although I have stated previously I’m not the biggest Orton fan out there.  For now, we just sit and wait.  I hope the Cards brass has been thinking long and hard about this one.  We know they can’t comment publicly until the lockout is over.