Once Upon a Time Cards Were Talk of Movement to LA


What’s all this talk of the Buffalo Bills maybe moving to Los Angeles?  Well, they are just the next team in a long line of teams rumored to be moving to southern California after LA lost both of it’s teams in the 1990’s. The Arizona Cardinals were at one point, in that rumor line.

Of course the Cardinals talk of moving went away for good after 2005 when the Cards were building a new stadium in Glendale.  All the reasons for the Cards to leave town were virtually gone.  The Cards have seen nothing but box office success since moving into University of Phoenix Stadium in 2006.  They’ve sold every game out, including last season when the team sat in the cellar of the NFC West.

Jacksonville, Minnesota, Arizona, San Diego, they’ve all been rumored to be moving to LA.  None of them have.  San Diego has been in those rumors this off-season as well as Buffalo, who is the newest rumor.

My question is, why Buffalo?  Sure, they’ve seen attendance dwindle a little lately, having even played several games in Toronto over the past couple of seasons.  LA may be starved for a team, but what makes anyone believe this franchise will flourish in LA?  Look at Oakland.  They moved to LA, never really got settled down there before they moved right back to Oakland.  Sure, the market is much bigger, but you know the old saying, the grass isn’t always green on the other side.  Then again, they don’t play on grass in Buffalo, so maybe in this case you can throw that right out the window.