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The NFL Lockout is Over: What it Means to This Arizona Cardinals Fan


It’s been a long, very long four months.  However, THIS Arizona Cardinals fan is giddy, just plain giddy.  The NFL Lockout is officially over.  This is a day I always thought would come, probably not this soon.  I really thought this thing would drag until September, October.  Given the specifics of the deal, you can tell both sides worked hard to get this thing done in time for training camp.  The only casualty?  The Hall of Fame Game.  I’m good with that.

In a sports city of four major professional sports teams and only one major championship ever, there are a lot of fans here who should be excited another season of football is upon us.  We all have our opinions on who we want on the Cards roster and how they should go about their business, however I am fairly certain we can all be in agreement about the excitement that football is back!

What is also great is there will be four months of off-season activity all crunched within about 1-2 weeks.  It will be fast, it will be furious, and it will all be worth the wait.  How exciting will it be to hear about the numerous moves the Cards are going to be making on a daily basis, starting tomorrow,  leading up to camp in Flagstaff?  With as much downtime there has been, any activity is great, but this will be historical.

I look forward to NFL Red Zone.  I look forward to camp in Flagstaff.  Preseason, to me, brings a whole new meaning to me this season.  Of course, the home opener against the Carolina Panthers go un-delayed and will happen in just seven short weeks.  All I can say is BRING IT ON BABY!