Cardinals Shouldn’t Rush Wilson


Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson will probably play this season and has already started to rehab his torn biceps, however that doesn’t mean he should be rushed into coming back before he really has to.  Sure, the depth in the Cards defensive backfield is shallower than a kiddie pool.  However, they may be able to weather the storm thanks to an early forgiving schedule.

They start with the Carolina Panthers, at Washington Redskins, at Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, at Minnesota Vikings and then a bye on October 16th.  That would give Wilson a good two and a half months to rehab before returning possibly against the Pittsburgh Steelers on October 23rd.  The Cards, on paper, could easily come out 4-1 or 3-2 in those first five games.  Even if they came out 2-3, still a long way to go.

I’m no doctor though, so he will come back when the doctors treating him feel it is safe for him to do so.  I just hope the Cards bring him back because of health and not need.  There are other options to weather the storm.  We may not like the other options, but the Cards are going to need A-Dub down the stretch.