New Kickoff Rule Leaves Some Complaining


The Chicago Bears tried to get away with kicking from the 30 during their preseason game this past weekend.  Nice try.  The new NFL rule that states that teams must kickoff now from the 35 instead of the 30 is leaving some players, coaches, and fans wondering if it is the best thing for the game, even if the NFL says it is in the best interest of safety.

The Arizona Cardinals have publicly not said too much and played by the rules on Thursday night in their preseason opener.  However the rule is there now, mostly for avoiding player injury during kickoffs.  I say what a bunch of bunk.

This game has become a game of wimps.  Sure, kickers love it because it means more touchbacks.  Not all coaches will hate it for the same reason.  However it will take away one of the most exciting plays in all of football, the kickoff return for touchdown.  The NFL has tried hard to make this the No Fun League instead of the National Football League.  This is just another step.

I get the idea of making the game safer.  However how much game excitement are you sacrificing as well?  After all, this is a game for the fans and how much injury are you really going to avoid in the long run?