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Improvement Will Need to be Seen Against the Packers


Tomorrow night is the second preseason game for the Arizona Cardinals.  They play the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin in what could be a pivotal game for many players trying to make the Cards roster.  It is also a chance to for the Cards to work on many area where improvement needs to be seen and quick.  Only two more “practice” games left after Friday night.

The offensive line:

Not a good start to the preseason last week.  Quarterbacks seemed to be running for their lives most of the night.  They couldn’t block for Beanie Wells in a goal line offense that had four shots to punch it in from inside the five and failed to do so.  I imagine with another week of practice under their belt, it could be better Friday night.

The defensive secondary:

Gave up a lot of long passes again.  Of course it was hard to gauge how much of an issue that will really be over the course of an entire game with the Cards shuttling players in and out of the game, but I notice a trend.  That’s not good this early.

The running game:

Wells needs to hunker down and bowl over people.  It’s that simple.  The o-line isn’t going to block most of the time, so he will need to create opportunities.  He also fumbled in that goal line stand last Thursday, although he was ruled down already.  Hang on to the ball Beanie!  Also, Ryan Williams needs to show some flash of brilliance as well.