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Cardinals Preseason Week Three Recap – The Good, Bad, and Ugly


The Arizona Cardinals lost to the San Diego Chargers on Saturday night in game three of the preseason 34-31.  There were some takeaways that both left me excited and nervous about the regular season which starts in less than two weeks from now.

First, the good.  There were a lot of positives to take from last night’s game, so there is stuff to build on.

  • Kevin Kolb.  He is looking more and more comfortable.  His 80-yard touchdown pass to the Larry Fitzgerald was just hopefully an appetizer to the season.
  • Patrick Peterson.  Still a lot to learn, but his pick-six gives him a positive to build on going into the season.
  • Beanie Wells.  His ran hard, didn’t put the ball on the ground.  He looked like a man who could find holes with consistency.
  • The offensive line.  Their play was much better.  They provided some nice blocks, nice holes.  A ways still to go, but….

Of course there was the bad….

  • Bend but don’t break defense did make plays at times, but pretty much let the Chargers offense run up and down the field.

and the ugly….

  • A.J. Jefferson and Marshay Green didn’t exactly make plays that made us miss the days of Antrel Rolle or Aeneas Williams.  Jefferson got beat, Green got beat a few times in the last game-winning drive.  I have a hard time believing either one makes the team.