Cardinals Grab Chester Taylor After All


After all the talk this week running back Chester Taylor was going to be cut by the Chicago Bears, then he wasn’t, and then eventually was and all the talk the Arizona Cardinals were possibly interested in grabbing the back to replace the injured Ryan Williams, now it is no longer talk as it has come to fruition.  The Cards have reached a deal with the former Bears back to backup Beanie Wells according to’s Jason La Canfora.

Taylor isn’t a guy that is going to come in and blow you away.  If he was that type of guy, the Bears would have kept him as the backup to Matt Forte in Chicago.  What he is though is a serviceable back that will be able to spell Wells at times.  I don’t think he will ever be able to become a featured back, but he would do in a pinch if he needed to take over for Wells should he get injured and miss time, which of course we never hope will happen.

Taylor thought he was told he was cut earlier this week only to be later told he was not.  He ended up practicing with the Bears this week and playing in their final preseason game.  He didn’t perform all that great and was cut after all.  Now, we’ll see what he can do in Arizona.

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