Kevin Kolb Doesn’t Need a Call from Michael Vick


Word got out that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback reached out to Carolina Panthers first round pick and starting quarterback Cam Newton last week to have a discussion.  The media made it a story, but as far as Kevin Kolb is concerned, who cares?  So what if Vick didn’t call him?  Derek Anderson didn’t call John Skelton or Richard Bartel.  Hey, as much a players shrug it off, fact is there is no love loss for the most part between competitors.

I didn’t have an issue with the call.  I know Kolb didn’t.  Kolb doesn’t care about much other than winning.  He has even said as much.  He could care less about stats or what others are or are not doing.  He just wants to win and that’s the type of quarterback the Arizona Cardinals need.

With an attitude like Kolb’s, he will have a long career in the NFL and it should establish him as a long time leader for the Cards offense.  There will be the feeling out period possibly here at the beginning of the season, but that’s fine.  I have a feeling after the first few weeks, Kolb will be feeling better than Newton or Vick anyway.  You only feel better when you aren’t on your back and you are winning.  Go Cards!