Back to Football for the Arizona Cardinals


It’s back to football tomorrow for the Arizona Cardinals as they play host to the Carolina Panthers in week one of the 2011 NFL football season, a seaosn many thought would never happen thanks to the almost five month lockout.  Now it’s time for new starting quarterback Kevin Kolb to lace them up for real and lead the Cardinals on a new journey, one that we all hope ends in regaining the NFC West title.

They will be facing the first overall pick in this year’s draft, Cam Newton.  Newton could be running for his life all afternoon.  I expect him to make some spectacular plays, but contrary to popular opinion around here, Kolb will be better and will stay that way.  Kolb, like every other NFL QB, will make his mistakes.  Don’t discount what he can do though and stay with him through those mistakes.

It will be easy for Cards fans to ask for a change if things go south or at least don’t work out the way we would all expect them to, especially against the Panthers. I stay, stick with Kolb.  For those of you predicting only five or six wins for the Cards.  Get lost and get real.  How can Kolb not be an improvement over what was rock bottom last season?  The Cards won five last year and they ARE better this season.

The Cards early season and late season schedule is in their favor.  They have another easy schedule this season based on winning percentages of last years opponents.  Yes, we all said the same thing last season, but we went in with Derek Anderson as the QB.  Enough said.

Stand up, be proud to be a Cards fan and welcome back to football my friends!